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Isnin, 19 September 2011

Ferrari F1

Configuration Type 056 90ยบ V8
Location Mid, longitudinally mounted
Weight 95 kilo / 209.4 lbs
Construction aluminium alloy block and head
Displacement 2.398 liter / 146.3 cu in
Bore / Stroke 98.0 mm (3.9 in) / 38.9 mm (1.5 in)
Valvetrain 4 valves / cylinder, DOHC
Fuel feed Fuel Injection
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Red Line 18000 rpm

4 Stroke Diesel Engine

Keihin Carburetors

Carburetors perform a variety of engine-related duties that enable a vehicle to run at peak performance. Although not as common now thanks to the emerging popularity of fuel injection systems, carburetors are still widely used as a reliable alternative to more costly fuel delivery systems.

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Selasa, 16 Ogos 2011

Cara soldering

Soldering is the only permanent way to ‘fix’ components to a circuit. However, soldering requires a lot of practice as it is easy to ‘destroy’ many hours preparation and design work by poor soldering. If you follow the guidelines below you have a good chance of success.

1. Use a soldering iron in good condition. Inspect the tip to make sure that it is not past good operation. If it looks in bad condition it will not help you solder a good joint. The shape of the tip may vary from one soldering iron to the next but generally they should look clean and not burnt.

2. A PCB eraser is used to remove any film from the tracks. This must be done carefully because the film will prevent good soldering of the components to the PCB. The tracks can be checked using a magnifying glass. If there are gaps in the tracks, sometimes they can be repaired using wire but usually a new PCB has to be etched.

3. The heated soldering iron should then be placed in contact with the track and the component and allowed to heat them up. Once they are heated the solder can be applied. The solder should flow through and around the component and the track

4. Having completed soldering the circuit the extended legs on the components need to be trimmed using wire clippers. The circuit is now ready for testing.

kod warna resistor