Sabtu, 6 Ogos 2011

Fungsi Breadboards

Breadboards are used to test circuits. Wires and components are simply pushed into the holes to form a completed circuit and power can be applied. One of the main advantages of using a breadboard is that the components are not soldered and if they are positioned incorrectly they can be moved easily to a new position on the board.
On the breadboard (diagram 1) seen opposite, letters are used to identify vertical columns and numbers to identify horizontal rows.

The red lines on diagram 2 show how some vertical columns and horizontal rows are internally connected. When power is applied to the breadboard current flows along these internal connections.

Diagram 3 shows how a 380 ohm resistor and an LED are setup on a breadboard. When a 9 volt battery is attached the LED lights. Try replacing the resistor with a higher value such as a 680 ohm resistor. The resistance will be greater and the LED should shine less bright.

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