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Resistors determine the flow of current in an electrical circuit. Where there is high resistance in a circuit the flow of current is small, where the resistance is low the flow of current is large. Resistance, voltage and current are connected in an electrical circuit by Ohm’s Law.
I = {V \over R}
When a resistor is introduced to a circuit the flow of current is reduced. The higher the value of the resistor the smaller/lower the flow of current.

Resistors are used for regulating current and they resist the current flow and the extent to which they do this is measured in ohms (Ω). Resistors are found in almost every electronic circuit.

The value of a resistor can be written in a variety of ways. Some examples are given below:

47R means 47 ohms
5R6 means 5.6 ohms
6k8 means 6800 ohms
1M2 means 1 200 000 ohms

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